Celebrex (Celecoxib) Price – How much does Celebrex (Celecoxib) cost?

celecoxib priceWhen you feel pain the only thing you want is to get rid of it in the shortest possible time. Your personal doctor might suggest you taking Celecoxib in such cases. If you have never heard about this medication and are still in two minds whether to order it or not, you are suggested reading the following article. You will find some general facts about this medication but you are strongly recommended to consult your doctor first before you make up your mind to buy Celebrex online form the virtual drug store you trust.

So the medication belongs to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When taken, it reduces hormones that possibly cause pain and inflammation in the patient’s body such as menstrual pain, arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. But your personal health provider may prescribe it to you when treating some other illness.

The medication comes in capsules of 400 mg, 200 mg, 100 mg and 50 mg strength.
When you purchase the medication, mind the following precautions. Do not take it in case you have just had or planning to have heart bypass surgery in the nearest future.

When you choose the best price and buy Celebrex online, tell your personal doctor about any of the mentioned below conditions to be sure that you take the medication safely:

  • a history of blood clot;
  • high blood pressure;
  • disease of kidney or liver;
  • asthma;
  • congestive heart failure;
  • a history of stomach bleeding or ulcers;
  • polyps in nose;
  • epilepsy;
  • blood clotting;
  • bleeding.

In case you are pregnant or just planning pregnancy, tell your personal doctor about it as the medication belongs to category D of FDA pregnancy list. Never give this medication to a little child younger than two years of age only in case your personal doctor prescribes you to.

You should also be aware of things you should avoid while using Celecoxib. First of all, do your best in order not to drink alcohol as it may cause bleeding in stomach. Try not to take the medication with the following NSAIDs: Naproxen, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Diflunisal, Etodolac, Flurbiprofen, Indomethacin, Ketoprofen, Meloxicam, Mefenamic, Nabumetone and Piroxicam.

It is also recommended to avoid being in the sun and having tanning beds as you can get sun burnt very easily. When you come outdoors, use sunscreen and wear special protective clothing.
The medication as any other drug may cause certain side effects. Read about some of them here before you decide to buy Celebrex online and start taking it. These are

  • weakness;
  • pain in chest;
  • tarry, bloody or black stools;
  • rapid gain of weight, swelling;
  • up blood coughing or vomit looking like grounds of coffee;
  • no urinating or less than usual;
  • skin rash, severe tingling and pain as well as muscle weakness;
  • nausea, loss of appetite.

Ask your personal doctor for the full list of the side effects and always consult him in case you suffer from any of those effects.

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