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Citalopram Hydrobromide (Celexa)Low mood, low self esteem, unwillingness to do things a person usually does willingly, loss of interest and not getting pleasure of usually enjoyable things and actions are the main symptoms of major depression syndrome.

Human psyche is normally controlled by substances produced by our body and brain being hormones and neurotransmitters. While the substances are balanced in our body, a person feels well and is able to control the mood on one’s own. However when the imbalance of these substances happens the person loses control over the mood and thus falls into depression. Depressive disorders turn to be immune to curing. No one can predict how a remedy will help a patient, will it turn effective in this case or not and when the symptoms will occur again.

Human psyche is the most unexplored part of human body which can not be investigated physically as it does not possess any physical feature. One can not touch it, see it or feel it in any way. No one can say for sure where it is in the body of a patient. Though the human psyche is difficult to analyze still there are methods of affecting it.

Major depression is usually treated in two ways. A major part of cases require a combination of the existing methods to perform some improvements. Te first method is psychotherapy which is an attempt of a psychiatrist to get deep into your psyche and try to find out which factors cause you depression. The risk of such method is revealing the truth. Unawareness of the factors causing the depressive disorders in your psyche is a mechanism of protection your brain use to avoid major stress. Supposing you know what causes your depression then you will try to avoid these factors in your casual life. However facing each next time one of these factors will shock you again and cause even greater stress. Summing up knowing the truth on the reasons and causes of your psyche disorders is not the best way of treatment. Besides, knowing the truth may provoke aggression and worsen the case.

Another way of treatment is citalopram hydrobromide which is a drug of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor class which will help just to balance the substances affecting the mood and psyche from inside of your body.

Modern drug market offers various medications for treating depressive disorders being one of the most wide spread diseases of the 20th and 21st centuries all over the world. The advantage of citalopram hydrobromide is that a patient can be tested to identify whether his or her psyche will respond to the treatment with the remedy.

The drug is rather safe and can be used as in adolescents so in adults with a minimum dosage of 20mg. If the dosage will not be enough to help the symptoms and improve the state then it can be doubled to 40mg when a patient is under medical control. One should not take the remedy on one’s own as it can cause even more severe psyche disorders. Citalopram hydrobromide is available as in regular local drug stores so can be bought online. In the latter case prescription is not needed.

How a depression can get worse? What are the risks?

Many people consider a depression to be a harmless psyche disorder which can be easily treated with a vacation, rest some antidepressants and in a way of avoiding stressful situations. However it is not as simple as may seem. Once a patient feels the symptoms of depression the case should be reported to a specialist and measures should be taken. If untreated the depression may advance and transform to other pathologic conditions which can be of great risk as for a patient so for people surrounding him.

Depression can be easily corrected. Citalopram hydrobromide is an effective way to kill the symptoms of depression and bring a person back to a normal way of life. Besides, the remedy does not perform as severe side effects as other drugs of the class. The most common side effects reported by patients are nausea, insomnia, drowsiness, frequent urination, sexual disorders.
If a patient is under 24 the treatment with citalopram hydrobromide as well as with other antidepressant drugs should be conducted only under strict control of a physician or psychiatrist. If a patient does not have relatives then a hospital stay is recommended as the remedy may provoke suicidal thoughts and behavior.

The drug may develop a kind of addiction thus it should not be stopped abruptly. If the treatment is over then you should ask your doctor to reduce your dosage in order to avoid the withdrawal effect. Gradual reduction of a dosage will help to avoid major symptoms of the withdrawal. You should also keep in mind that after the end of the treatment you may feel as the depression develops back. However it may be just a symptom of withdrawal and in a few days the condition will improve.

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