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Flagyl PriceThere are such moments when we need to take antibiotics, especially if we need to get rid of the unpleasant infections caused by bacteria. Such infections can invade any part of your body including vagina, skin, stomach, respiratory tract and joints. Your personal doctor may prescribe you Flagyl (Metronidazole) to treat the infections of such kind.

It is a common knowledge that it is very easy and convenient to buy everything online including medications, but we suggest you reading the following information before you buy Flagyl online.

What should you know about Flagyl before starting treatment?

Flagyl is an antibiotic that fights susceptible bacteria in your body. Commonly bacteria are present in the body in minute quantities and can not cause the inflammation as the immune system suppresses their growth. However due to some factors (stresses, diseases, etc) the immune force of the immune defense of the body crashes and the bacteria may start to grow. Another way of getting infection and inflammation is getting contaminated with bacteria strange to your body in general and immune system in particular.

The key word in treatment of any bacterial infection is susceptibility. Bacteria are susceptible to specific antibiotics. Using other remedies to treat the infection will turn ineffective and will let the bacteria grow and infection to worsen. That is why before starting any treatment you should be examined and tested. It may seem that some tests are unnecessary. However, if you start the bacterial infection treatment with improper antibiotics, then you will give the infection a chance to grow in your body. Besides, medical tests will show the quantity of bacteria in the body and thus you will get a more precise prescription in dosages of Flagyl.

The medication comes in tablets containing 500 mg or 250 mg of Metronidazole. Before buying and taking the medication read the following information to make sure you can do it safely. Never take the medicine in case you have allergy to Metronidazole or in case a woman is on the first trimester of her pregnancy. Tell your doctor about your pregnancy or if you plan it. The antibiotic will work better in your body if you keep the constant level of active ingredient. it means that you should take Flagyl as it is prescribed without missing any pill.

Also tell him if you suffer from allergies to any other medications or if you have the following health problems:

  • liver disease;
  • such disorders of blood cells as anemia or leucopenia;
  • a stomach disease or intestinal disease;
  • a seizure disorder (epilepsy);
  • disorders of nerves.

You need to list all chronic diseases and disorders you are suffering from constantly or from time to time as your doctor may correct the dosage of the antibiotics in order not to harm your health.

How to take Flagyl

Flagyl is an antibiotic developed to fight and clear bacteria from your body. The length of treatment, the dosages and the scheme of treatment are determined by your doctor after conducting medical tests as eve the same infection may require different schemes of treatment.

Advices on taking Flagyl:

  • Do not miss any dosage – missing a pill will sufficiently drop the concentration of active ingredient that fights bacteria in your body. A single missed pill may result in worsening of your health condition or in a longer treatment. Careless intake of Flagyl may result in bacteria developing resistance to the action of the remedy and thus a patient will need to add more powerful antibiotics to treat the infection. You should keep in mind that long antibiotic intake should be supervised by your doctor and an additional support for leaver will be needed.
  • Do not take Flagyl in larger dosages than you are prescribed. The antibiotics act in a way that is quite different from that you are imagining. The remedy kills the bacteria not with the quantity of active ingredient in a single dosage but by the constant action during a prolonged period of time. Thus taking a double dosage of Flagyl at once will not clear the infection faster from your body, but will sufficiently hurt your liver;
  • Do not stop taking Flagyl if your symptoms get better. Patients report improvement of symptoms after the very first pill. But this does not mean that the infection is conquered. If you stop the treatment and the bacteria will be still present in your body, then infection recurrence is likely to happen within the next 21 days.

The antibiotic can do harm to a nursing baby as it easily passes into breast milk.

Getting antibiotics online without prior consulting your doctor you should be extremely attentive in terms of dosages and schemes of treatment. You should use the antibiotic only the way it is prescribed by your health provider. Never change the dosage into larger or smaller and never take the medicine for longer than it was recommended. Strictly follow all the directions given on the label of prescription. Try not to miss doses of the medication and you will get only the best results from the treatment. In case you overdose look for the emergency medical help! The symptoms of the overdosage may include vomiting, nausea, dizziness, numbness, tingling, loss of coordination or balance, convulsions and tingling.

When you purchase Metronidazole get to know what you should avoid doing when taking this medication. You are strongly recommended not to take alcohol while you are treating with this antibiotic otherwise you may get very unpleasant side effects. If side effects occur, we strongly recommend not to lower the dosage or stop the treatment, but to contact your doctor immediately. Only your health care provider can manage the scheme of treatment. Remember that neither food nor any other drugs you are taking should contain alcohol.

As any other medicine, Metronidazole may cause side effects. Learn the information about them before you start taking it and consult your personal doctor about what you should undertake in case you start suffering from any of these side effects:

  • hives;
  • face, tongue, lips or throat swelling;
  • difficulties with breathing;
  • white sores or patches on your lips or inside your mouth;
  • burning or pain when urinating;
  • bloody or water diarrhea;
  • problems with vision or pain behind eyes;
  • problems with concentrating, changes in mood or behavior, slurred speech, tremors, convulsions, muscle twitching;
  • chills, pain in muscles, headache, fever, confusion, sore throat, drowsiness, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light;
  • severe skin reactions.

Flagyl is a power antibiotic curing many infections and clearing out bacteria from your body, but you should be very careful and study lots of comments and call the online customer service before you order the medication from the online drug store you have chosen.

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