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Xenical (Orlistat) PriceThe problem of obesity has passed from aesthetic domain into real clinical problem. Today the medicine has developed several successful programs of obesity treatment. However very few of them give constant results and prevent repeated weight gain. Some methods offer a combination of physical activity and exercising, dieting and medications, meanwhile there are effective remedies that reprogram your body. However, it is a common knowledge that a patient should get to know some information before he starts using this or that medication. The following article will provide you with summary information about Xenical (Orlistat), its indications, conditions that are treated with the medication, side effects and contraindications. It is not a medical advice or a prescription label – you have to visit and consult your personal health care professional first. Only your personal doctor can provide you with the complete information about any medicine and give the prescriptions depending on your personal specific needs. You can get the remedy over the counter and start treatment without prescription of your doctor following the indications on the label, however you then should thoroughly balance all the risks and possible side effects with your chances to lose weight with Xenical.

What is Xenical and how it works?

Xenical is a very popular prescription medication used to stimulate weight loss in those patients who treat obesity. It is taken with a special low calorie diet to get the best results and it helps people with excessive weight not only to lose but also to keep the weight off.

Its mechanism of action is rather simple. It blocks the fats you consume and prevent the fats from being absorbed in your body. Another action produced by Xenical is fat deposits boosting. Special ingredients of the pills induce fat metabolism and burn fat deposits eliminating them from the body.

Xenical is indicated for treatment of:

  • Excessive weight (obesity) – numerous tests proved the efficiency of the remedy in people with BMI index over 27. In other cases Xenical is not recommended;
  • Weight maintenance – Xenical can be prescribed as integral part of complex treatment in people after intense weight loss programs to maintain the achieved results;
  • Preventive obesity treatment – people of high risk of obesity may be prescribed Xenical to prevent the case.

Xenical is available in capsules of 120mg each being a single dosage. Only your doctor can decide on the length of treatment. It may happen that your weight loss will progress as desired, then your health care provider may prescribe you additional treatment course.

The recommended scheme for treatment is three capsules of Xenical per day in addition to low-calorie diet.

What should I know about Xenical before I start?

It is very simple and convenient to order and then buy Xenical online but you need to know if you can use it. So read this important safety information first. You are not allowed to take Orlistat in case you have the health conditions mentioned below:

  • it cannot be used by pregnant women as not weight loss but a minimum weight gain is recommended to them;
  • a patient has problems with gallbladder (cholestatis);
  • there are problems with food absorption (chronic malabsorption syndrome) as Xenical blocks absorption of fats, then it may severely affect your metabolism;
  • allergy to any of the ingredients of Orlistat.

If you make up your mind to take Xenical to reduce weight, you have to know that you can take it safely, so mind to inform your personal doctor about these possible problems you might have:

  1. liver problems;
  2. diabetes;
  3. thyroid problems;
  4. kidney problems;
  5. you are ill in bulimia or anorexia;
  6. a woman plans to breastfeed or is already breastfeeding.

Some conditions are real contraindications. It means that Xenical may turn your conditions worse.

There is also the necessity to inform your personal doctor about all non-prescription and prescription medications, herbs and vitamins you take especially cyclosporine, levothyroxine, beta-carotene or supplements with vitamin E, and warfarine.

The medication is available in hard-gelatin capsules containing 120 mg of active Orlistat for oral administration. The capsules are of dark-blue color with light-blue imprinting. Do not crush, chew or split the capsule.

Be careful getting Xenical from the internet as many unverified drug stores speculate and sell fake Xenical which has nothing in common with original remedy. Taking such drugs you challenge your health and life. Pay special attention to the serious side effects the medication may cause:

  • severe problems with liver including loss of appetite, amber-colored urine, itchy skin, light-colored stools, yellowing of white parts of eyes and your skin, pain in right upper part of the stomach;
  • some vitamins in the body may get low absorption. In this case you are suggested to take multivitamin complexes containing A, E, D, K vitamins, and beta-carotine. A multivitamin should be taken about two hours after or before you take Orlistat (at bedtime, for example);
  • kidney problems (painful or frequent urination, feet or legs swelling, blood in urine, no or little output of the urine, vomiting, severe pain in groin, back or belly, nausea, loss of appetite);
  • problems with gallbladder (vomiting, pain in the upper part of stomach, nausea).

You should call your personal doctor at once in case you suffer from any of these side effects.

Be very attentive when taking the medication Xenical and you will have the best results only.

How to take Xenical?

Xenical is taken with foods every day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is not recommended to take the drug on an empty stomach. Starving to get rid of excessive weight as soon as possible you may feel a strong desire to increase one-time dosage to enjoy faster results. Hover taking a double dosage or taking Xenical more frequent than it is prescribed to you may cause overdosing or may result in allergic reaction. Moreover, extra dosages of the remedy may sufficiently affect your bowel resulting in severe side effects. Your health care provider will give you a strict scheme of how to take the drug. You should follow the recommendations and consult our doctor if some bothersome side effects appear. You should keep in mind that Xenical may strongly change your lifestyle. Such side effects as oil spotting on underwear, oily stool, fecal urgency, increased and frequent defecation are considered to be a norm as the remedy reprograms your body in general and your bowel function in particular.

Clinical studies showed that only 8.8% of patients commonly discontinue treatment due to severe side effects.

It is not recommended to take other medications to ease side effects and symptoms of Xenical treatment as many drugs may affect the efficiency of the drug.

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